“We appreciate the kindness of your nurses and staff as well as the outstanding job they perform.”

“I could not have asked for a better case manager, friend and support. She has been fantastic. This has been a difficult year and without my case manager, her encouragement and sympathetic support this year would have been worse.”

“My nurse case manager is such a sweet and kind person. She always knows the right time to call and makes my mind at ease with my medical condition. She goes beyond what is needed.”

“Thanks for all your help and good advice, and a strong shoulder. I am very grateful you came to us. You have been calm and informative. Your cheerful voice is always welcome to hear. Thanks for your care, you’ve made all this easier to maneuver through.”

“This is a great service. I went through a hard time with my daughter’s illness. My case manager was a great help as well as a wonderful support system.”

“My case manager was most helpful in explaining the details of my disease, treatment, side effects and billing. She called to encourage me during my darkest moments. I truly appreciate her care and concern.”

“I know and appreciate the fact that I’m in “good hands.” It certainly is reassuring that HCM became involved in my case when you did.”

“I was so glad I opted for a case manager. She seems more like a dear friend than a case manager.”

“My case manager was wonderful. I couldn’t have asked to have a better person to talk with during such a stressful time. She is top of the line in what she does.”

"Our circumstances have been complicated and our nurse case manager has been a great comfort and help. Thank you for going above and beyond."